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This file is to help you find your way around This file only covers the directory structure two levels deep. If you see a 'kb' directory in a second level directory, it contains all of the information regarding that second level directory. For example, the /developr/win32dk directory has a kb directory in it. This kb directory contains all of the articles for any 32 bit development kit.

BUSSYS                               Business Systems
                     GEN_INFO        General, non-product information
                     LANMAN          LanMan & other networks
                     MAIL            Mail and Schedule+
                     CLIENTS         Microsoft Networking Client
		     SQL	     SQL Server
                     WINNT           Windows NT
                     WINSOCK         Windows Sockets information

DESKAPPS                             Desktop Applications
                     ACCESS          Access
                     DOSWORD         Word for MS-DOS
                     EXCEL           Excel
                     GAMES           Entertainment Packs, Flight Sim, etc.
                     GEN_INFO        General, non-product information
                     HOMEAPPS        Home applications 
                                     (Fine Artist, Creative Writer)
		     IE		     Internet Explorer	
                     MISCAPPS        Other applications
                     MMAPPS          Multimedia Titles
                     OFFICE          Microsoft Office
                     POWERPT         PowerPoint
                     PROJECT         Project
                     PUBLISHR        Publisher
                     WORD            Word for Windows & Macintosh
                     WORKS           Works
                     MONEY           Money

DEVELOPR                             Developer Tools and Information
                     BASIC           Quick Basic & other Basics
                     DEVCAST         DevCast information
                     DEVUTIL         MS Test, Delta, EXEMOD, EXEPACK,
                                     & LIB Utility
                     DRG             Developer Relations Group
                     FORTRAN         Fortran and Fortran PowerStation
                     FOX             FoxPro and FoxBase
                     GEN_INFO        General, non-product information
                     MAPI            Messaging API information
                     MASM            Macro Assembler
                     MSDN            Microsoft Developer Network
		     MSJ	     Microsoft Systems Journal
		     ODBC	     ODBC
                     OLE             OLE
                     RFC             Proposed Standards Documents
                     TAPI            Telephony API information
                     VB              Visual Basic
                     VISUAL_C        Visual C++, MFC, & other C products
                     WIN_DK          Windows SDK, DKs & At Work
                     WIN32DK         32 bit Development Kits

KBHELP                               Microsoft Knowledge Base in Windows Help
                                     File format.

SOFTLIB                              Instructions & index for software library
                     MSLFILES        Software library files (> 1500 files)
                                     (all of our software updates, driver patches,
                                      etc. can be found in the software library.)

PEROPSYS                             Personal Operating Systems and Hardware
                     GEN_INFO        General, non-product information
                     HARDWARE        Mouse & other Hardware
                     MSDOS           MS-DOS
                     WINDOWS         Windows (all versions)
                     WIN_NEWS        Information on Windows95

SERVICES                             Information on Microsoft Services
                     TECHNET         Microsoft shareholder information
                     MSEDCERT        Microsoft Education and Certification
                     MSTV            Microsoft TV
                     SALESINFO       Microsoft Sales Information
                     WHQL            Windows Hardware Quality Labs